2007 Nisswa-stämman instrumental and dance workshops

Scandinavian instrumental workshops, featuring top level musicians from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway will take place on June 8, 2007 in Nisswa, Mn. These workshops are offered in conjunction with Nisswa-stamman Scandinavian Folkmusic festival, June 8, 9, 2007. The sessions will start at 10 a.m. and continue until 3 p.m., with a lunch break in the middle. Students should be at intermediate levels and able or willing to learn tunes by ear. Cost for the sessions will be ~ $20 per each 2 hour session, or $35 for two sessions. (from the same teacher). The 'musicians lunch' will consist of cold cuts, fruit, etc and cost an extra $5. Please contact Paul Wilson for more details on these workshops and to sign up - pwilson@brainerd.net or 218-764-2994.

This year, there are 5 workshops! Please sign up early! - and indicate if you would be willing to shift to an alternative workshop if the one you are signing up for doesn't attract enough musicians to make a financially viable workshop.

at Mary Anne Bennett's house, south of Nisswa on Long Lake:

1. Harald Haugaard - Danish fiddling. This guy is a fantastic fiddler, and just being in the room with him for a few hours will be well worth the time and $$. He is a legend in Denmark and is still relatively young.

2. Morten Høirup - Guitar and 'other instrument' accompaniment. A fantastic guitar player, he will be willing to take anyone, playing any instrument that can do 'accompaniment' type playing...could be interesting!

at Ingrid Anderson's Swedish Timber house on Gull Lake (see below):

3. Kristina Cedervall, Alvadalens spelmanslag, riksspelman since 1973, plays mostly tunes from Älvdalen. Kristina is a "big name" in Älvdalens folkmusic. Tunes she will teach are: Polska 409, Faut Marit lietjin (polska), Polska 601, Näckens polska ef Gyris Anders

4. Thor Anders Eriksson and Britt-Marie Eriksson, Alvadalens spelmanslag,, both riksspelmen, Thor is rooted in Älvdalen music but also plays pan-Swedish music and Britt-Marie knows Boda and Rättvik music. Tunes they plan to teach are: Tommos Anders polska, Polska 615, Silkesvalsen, Älvdalens Brudmarsch

5. Norwegian 'flat fiddling' (regular violin) from Marie Klåppbakken - a talented young fiddler from Vinstra, Gudbrandsdalen. Here is her note to me about her workshop: "I thought about teaching them a halling og Sjugurd Garmo from Garmo(Lom), and perhaps a springleik called Jul-leiken after Erik Bjørke from Sør Fron, and perhaps a vals called The first vals who Ole Bull teach from Myllarguten, and a reinleder called Imeland og Grimeland from Agder."

at the Pioneer Village in Nisswa:

6. Alvdalens Polska dance workshop from Mary Hegge, one of our local Minnesota dance specialists. Times.... 1 pm to 3 pm in the dance barn at the Pioneer Village in Nisswa. No lunch available with this workshop....you can eat in Nisswa beforehand at several restaurants.

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All workshops will be held in the Nisswa area....some at the old Swedish Timber House on Gull Lake (see directions below), some at Don and Mary Anne Bennett's house on Long Lake and others at the Pioneer Village in Nisswa (site of the stämma)


 1.From the intersection of Hwys 210 and 371 in Baxter, drive 12 miles north on Hwy# 371.

2. Turn left at the the stoplights (west) on Co.RD 77. For those of you who have been to Nisswa-stamman before, this is the same intersection where you usually turn right (east) to go to the Friday night concert at the Lutheran Church of the Cross. A good marker to look for near this intersection is Schaefers Market on the east side of #371.

3. Ingrid says that the timber house is EXACTLY 5 miles from the stoplight on Co Rd 77. It will be on your left. The fire number is 8844. Approach slowly, it's easy to drive by.

**Important note! Do not turn left the first time you see Co Rd 77! That is the 'southern end' of the road. County Rd 77 is a loop rd, running around the west side of Gull Lake. It connects up with #371 two times, first on the south end and then on the north end. You want the north end!

IF YOU GET LOST, CALL 218 963 7897

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