Two Scandinavian folk fiddling workshops, featuring top level fiddlers from Sweden and Norway, will take place on June 10, 2005 at the old Swedish Timber house in Lakeshore, Mn. These workshops are held in conjunction with Nisswa-stamman Nordic Folkmusic festival, June 10, 11, 2005. The sessions will start at 10 a.m. and continue until 3 p.m., with a lunch break in the middle. Students should be at intermediate levels and able or willing to learn tunes by ear. Cost for the sessions will be ~ $20 for a half day or $35 for a full day. Lunch is available for $5. Please contact Paul Wilson for more details on these workshops and to sign up - or 218-764-2994. Take a look at some shots from last year's workshops with the Järvelä family of Kaustinen, Finland, > 2004 workshops.

Go here for maps and directions to the Swedish Timber house > Directions

Norwegian fiddling w/ Britt Elise Sram . . .Intermediate level

listen to a sound sample of her fiddling from Tre Begaedelige Piger

Since 2002 Britt has been an "A-klasse spelemann" in Norway. This means that she has played in the top level at kappleiks (fiddle competitions) in Norway. To get to this level, a fiddler must first win the "B-klasse" for two years. Last year Britt became nr. 5 in the "A-klasse" in Norway. Also this year, Tre Begrædeleige Piger, one of her 'groups', was nominated for the Spellemannsprisen in the folkmusic/gammaldans category. The Spellemannsprisen is the Norwegian version of the 'grammys', and only three nominations are given for each category in the entire country. Although they did not win the prize, just to be nominated is an honor that few musicians in Norway ever achieve. During the last 7 years, Britt has taught fiddling and performed as a free lance musician, most recently back in her home district of Møre og Romsdal.

She will teach tunes on 'flat fiddle' from Møre og Romsdal/ Rørospols, or tunes by Sven Nyhus and also some hardingfele tunes if enough hardingfele players sign up. Britt thinks it is easiest to teach tunes by ear, but she also brings sheet music which will be handed out after the tunes have been learned. It may be a good idea to bring a recording device as well.

Swedish Fiddle w/ Alicia & Emma ....Intermediate/Advanced

listen to a sound sample of their fiddling from Ditt Ditt Darium

A hands-on fiddle workshop that will get into the nitty-gritty of Swedish fiddling:
- Bowing techniques that give that danceable groove.
- Ornaments and articulation that makes it sound ­ Swedish!
- How to arrange music Swedish style: playing a stämma or accompaniment.
- How to play schottis, polska, springlek, vals, polka, slängpolska and onwards.

Emma Reid and Alicia Björnsdotter Abrams in the fiddle duo Två will teach a full day workshop in Swedish fiddle styles and techniques. The fiddle traditions of Orsa, Bingsjö, Malung and Uppland are most prominent in their styles. Alicia and Emma both have degrees in traditional Swedish music from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and have performed and taught throughout Europe and the US.

The workshop is taught by ear and participants are encouraged to bring recording devices. Content will be strongly influenced by the interests of the group. Musicians other than fiddlers, if comfortable playing melody, are most welcome.


 1.From the intersection of Hwys 210 and 371 in Baxter, drive 12 miles north on Hwy# 371.

2. Turn left at the the stoplights (west) on Co.RD 77. For those of you who have been to Nisswa-stamman before, this is the same intersection where you usually turn right (east) to go to the Friday night concert at the Lutheran Church of the Cross. A good marker to look for near this intersection is Schaefers Market on the east side of #371.

3. Ingrid says that the timber house is EXACTLY 5 miles from the stoplight on Co Rd 77. It will be on your left. The fire number is 8844. Approach slowly, it's easy to drive by.

**Important note! Do not turn left the first time you see Co Rd 77! That is the 'southern end' of the road. County Rd 77 is a loop rd, running around the west side of Gull Lake. It connects up with #371 two times, first on the south end and then on the north end. You want the north end!

IF YOU GET LOST, CALL 218 963 7897

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