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A celebration of Scandinavian and Scandinavian/American folk music in northern Minnesota.

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Nisswa-Stämman 2012 Performers 

Visiting Scandinavian groups:

Fiolministeriet - Denmark, trio on fiddles and cello

Syvers - Norway, award winning gammaldans quintet

Perras - Norway, buttonbox-mania gammaldans quintet

Maria & Anders Larsson- Sweden, voice, violin, guitar

Torbjörn & Pär Näsbom - Sweden, nyckelharpa, fiddles

Folk Orkestras:

American Swedish Institute Spelmanslag

Twin Cities Hardingfelelag

Twin Cities Nyckelharpalag

Skål Klubben Spelmanslag


Ripple River Fiddlers

Ensembles and Solos:

Ivares Pojkarna - Ivare's boys do the tradition proud :)

Finn Hall  - historic Finnish American dance hall music

Kaivama - Finnish music excavators, fiddle, guitar, harmonium

Olle Olsson's Oldtime Orkestra
- Olle is still missing

Skålmusik - North woods gammaldans quintet

Andrea Een - Norwegian Hardingfele

Loretta Kelley - Norwegian Hardingfele

Paul Wilson & Mary Abendroth - poobahs and bottlewashers

the Newcomers - immigrant tunes both happy and sad

Kip Peltoniemi - musician, writer and raconteur

Ross and Barton Sutter - Swedish folk songs, poetry

Valorie Arrowsmith - and Josie Arrowsmith, Children's tent

Rose Arrowsmith-DeCoux - Children's tent

Paul Dahlin - a Swedish fiddling tradition in Minnesota

Arna Rennan & Georganne Hunter - traditional nordic music

Arne Salli - Finnish songs

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