It is quite uncommon for one and the same music band to win two different awards in the National Traditional Dance Music Festival in Norway. But that is what Syvers Orkester did at Nordfjordeid in the summer of 2010. They were awarded for their performance as a band, and in the more experimental Open Class contest.

-As a performer of traditional dance music, Syvers Orkester is both young and new. Founded in 2009 the group includes the following members: Syver Olstad and Stein Magne Eggen on accordions, Tonje Lien Barkenaes plays fiddle, Geir Thorud strokes the double-bass, and Sven Ove Brun the guitar. Apart from Tonje, who comes from Nannestad, all the others grew up in north Gudbrandsdalen. Some of the members have studied music at the Norwegian Academy of Music and elsewhere.

Primarily their repertoire consists of traditional dance music from Gudbrandsdalen, and the band takes a special pleasure in discovering and presenting little used material from bygone days. They also look to other districts and adopt tunes old and new of their liking. They make their own arrangements and have developed a style of their own inspired by local tradition and with an eye for the new and experimental. In their rhythms the joy of the dancing floor is well looked after.

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