Kip's travels as union steward for the Industrial Accordionists of the World takes him to Minneapolis' famed milling district.

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Kip Peltoniemi

Kip Peltoniemi hails from Minnesota's famous Finnish Triangle, which is located in the center of the eastern section of the western part of the southern portion of northern Minnesota. At one time, the Triangle was a hotbed of Finnish-American button accordion music. Sadly, Kip is the last of the old-time button accordion players from the Triangle. As you may know, DNR efforts to re-introduce button accordion players into the Finnish Triangle have failed, so you better see Kip while you have the chance. His one-man show features unusual accordion instrumentals, humorous songs, dubious folklore, tall tales, and out-and-out lies. All of Kip's musical material has been independently tested, grade and certified, achieving an incredible 99.7 % -- or Grade AAA -- ethnicity rating!

Kip's solo album is entitled Minnesota Tango, on the Texicalli Records Oy label, produced by Arto Järvelä of JPP. Recorded in Finland at Sibelius Academy Studios and at the Kaustinen Folk Music Institute, backing players include members of Värttinä, Koinurit, Pinnin Pojat, Tallari and Zetaboo. This CD is available now from Kip at or CD Roots