Britt Elise Skram

"I was born in 1979, and started to play fiddle when I was about 11 years old. I had a teacher called Olav Hjelvik, and luckily for me, he was a folk musician. I started in his spelemannslag, "Spelemannslaget Dåm og Drag" , a spelemannslag which has been in the "top-ten" in Norway for several years. Since 1997 I have been the leader of Dåm og Drag.

From 1999 to 2003 I studied at the Norwegian state academy of music (Norges musikkhøgskole) in Oslo. There I studied under teachers Sven Nyhus and Jon Faukstad. I learned very much there, and have played in several groups since, including Majorstuen and Tre Begrædelige Piger. TBP recorded a CD last year, and we have been touring in Norway.

After the studies I moved back home to Møre og Romsdal on the west coast of Norway, and I work in two music-schools, and I am a freelance musician. Groups I play in now include Dåm og Drag, Øresus, Werner Barth and Tre Begrædelige Piger."

Britt Elise will be teaching a workshop on Norwegian style fiddling as part of Nisswa-stämma. The workshops will take place on June 9 and/or June 10. Please click here to find out more about it -> Britt's fiddling workshop

Vestnes-kvartetten is a combination of two groups, Øresus and Werner Barth. Vestnes Kvartetten plays traditional pols and gammaldans (old time dance music). In 2004 Øresus won the silver medal (2nd prize) in the national Titano festival (The Norwegian championship in gammaldans)!


Britt Elise Skram (fele/ hardingfele)

Steinar Vambeset (accordian)

Karl-Arne Franzen (guitar, balalaika and vocal)

John Trygve Villa (bass)

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