Nisswastämman Worldwide Concert, Contacts and Workshop information

Oskar Stenmark - Sweden

Anna Rynefors and Erik Ask-Upmark - Sweden

Antti & Arto Järvelä, Maija Pokela, Laura and Veera Kuisma and Elias Frigård - Finland 

Harald Haugaard - Denmark

Sturla Eide, Øystein Sandbukt & Ronny Kjøsen - Norway

Jeanett and Peter Rousu - Sweden

Nisswastämman “Worldwide Concert”

Nisswastämman Scandinavian Folk Music Festival announces they will sponsor a virtual “Worldwide Concert” to take place on Friday June 12, 7 pm CST from their Facebook page and YouTube channel. The concert will be presented in a pre-recorded format and will be available to stream from 7 pm cst Friday, June 12 through 11 pm cst on Sat, June 13. The concert will include performances by Oskar Stenmark, Sweden; Peter and Jeanett Rousu, violin and guitar, Sweden; Anna Rynefors and Erik Ask-Upmark, nyckelharpa and harp, Sweden; the Sturla Eide Trio, violin, accordion and guitar, Norway; Antti and Arto Järvelä, violin and guitar, Finland; and Harald Haugaard, violin, Denmark. There will be an opportunity for the public to donate money through with links on the webpages. All donations will be sent on to the musicians, as Nisswastämman is a nonprofit organization.

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