Valorie Arrowsmith works with many Nordic groups assisting children and adults on their journey to learn more about their culture and heritage through language and culture day camps, concerts, Nordic touring group arrangements, host home opportunities, school residencies, worship services and traditional festivals such as Swedish Midsummer and Norwegian St. Knut's Day. She is a cultural teacher and brings language and culture day camps to many communities.

Valorie taught her daughters how to weave and introduced them to the Swedish language. Now all of them can perform, teach, or lead Swedish activities, midsummer pole dances, language lessons, songs and games and weaving.

She believes in life-long learning and started several adult Nordic language study circles in East Central Minnesota. Currently she is studying Finnish and Norwegian.

Valorie is interested in cultural tourism connecting Norden with American communities filled with people of Nordic heritage. She has been involved with TUR, the big tourism trade show in Gothenburg and intends to bring a booth there in which she will promote Nordic events in the Upper Midwest.Who would like to join her?

As part of this effort she is collaborating with like-minded folks to create a database of performance venues in Minnesota for visiting Swedish and Norwegian music and dance groups.

What will happen at the Children's tent at Nisswa-stämman and will my child 'fit in'?

YES! Children will have opportunities to make Nordic crafts based on traditional folk art and holiday customs from Norden. Valorie Arrowsmith and her presenters will guide children in each activity. Parents and grandparents are very welcome to assist their youngsters. At scheduled times throughout the day, musicians, dancers and storytellers will visit the Children's Tent and perform. Children of all ages are welcome and encouraged to participate. For more information contact Paul Wilson

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