teho. - Tero Hyvaluoma and Esko Järvelä

“…virtuosic and occasionally off-the-wall Finnish fiddle duo Teho.”

Teho. is a Finnish power-fiddle duo that breaks musical boundaries while remaining strongly rooted in the tradition. Teho’s fiddlers grew up in Central Ostrobothina – an area known for its extremely virile and rich folk music life.

Teho. made a big leap to the spotlight by winning the annual Konsta Jylhä Competition year 2016, which is the most significant folk music competition in Finland.

"Teho's musicians are versatile professionals, who know the folk music tradition inside out. They use traditional elements imaginatively and can take their music from one mood to another." complimented director Hannu Saha in his award speech of the Konsta Jylhä competition.

Their music combines fluently Finnish traditional pelimanni fiddling, Norwegian halling, Swedish polska, bebop, western swing, and composed, contemporary folk music. Improvisation is also playing a big part in the duo’s sound. Tero Hyväluoma and Esko Järvelä are both top-notch names in the Nordic folk music field and cross-over freelancers without genre boundaries. They have played together for years in various different bands and projects, including the long-running and popular Finnish band Frigg.

“Each piece is intricately arranged, and played with passion and precision. The sound of someone sawing a fiddle in half, the screaming and growling, are nothing to worry about: these guys have some troll blood in their veins, and the madness just takes them occasionally.”

-An album review by Alex Monaghan, FolkWorld, October 2018.

“…virtuosic and occasionally off-the-wall Finnish fiddle duo Teho.”

-Seán Purser, Songlines, about standout acts at Celtic Colours 2018.

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