Smålands Spelmanslag

Peter Pedersen - born 1960 in Malmö, Skåne. Started playing folk music on the violin at 8 years old. He started playing for a folkdance group at 10 years old and at 12 he joined the Malmö Spelmanslag. He became Riksspelman in 1982. Member of the Zorn jury since 1988. Three times world champion in playing träskofiol (clogfiddle). He lives in Västervik, Småland since 1990. Member of Tjust Spelmanslag. Peter plays tunes from Skåne and Småland.

Kjell Karlsson - plays the violin for several years in Skatelövs Spelmanslag and also leads a folk music group that plays for folk dance. He works with occupational safety and health as a work environment engineer and human factors specialist / ergonomist.

Eva Blomquist-Bjärnborg - is a "riksspelman" which means that she has achieved the national Zorn Silver Medal for prominent folk musicians and she has also been awarded the Zorn Gold Medal for brilliant playing of folk tunes from the Småland region. She is the music leader of Skatelövs Spelmanslag and also plays in other folk music groups e.g. "SHE". Eva works as a violin teacher at the municipal music school in Alvesta.
Bruno Bjärnborg - is member of Skatelövs spelmanslag where he plays guitar and bass. He has recently retired from working as an environment protection state official.

Eva Johansson - got her Zorn badge in silver 2015 in Korrö with this review: For responsive and style-conscious play of Smålands tunes. Eva plays the violin and wooden shoe violin (träskofiol). She also builds and renovates violins and träskofioler. Eva has been a member of Skatelövs Spelmanslag for some years now

Viola Ek - started playing the violin in 1980, prefering Swedish folk music. Now a pensioner (65+), still educating herself on the violin. Viola is the leader of Värends Spelmansgille and for a Durspels (button accordion) group.

Christian Fürst - got his first musical inspiration in his early teens from American old time and bluegrass. About ten years later he started playing Swedish traditional folk music on fiddle learning on his own, listening to radio and records. As he didn't know anything about fiddles and their sizes he bought a medium sized one, playing it for a number of years until someone made a comment about his 'small fiddle'. He has played in Skatelöv spelmanslag for about 10 years.

Anny Ekdahl - Plays in Skatelövs spelmanslag and Larsas. She started playing folk music on violin as an adult with her children. She loves to play all kinds of music but mostly folk and classical.

Hans Törnqvist - Born 1941. Started playing the violin aged 11, 1952. Played until 1964 and paused until he came in contact with folkmusic in 1980.  Since then he has played mostly with Skatelövs Spelmanslag.

Magnus Gustafsson - is vice managing director of the regional music institution Musik i Syd and former head of Småland´s Music Archive. He has also worked as judge for music of the Nordic Council of Ministers and co-ordinator for the state phonogram subsidy group. In the mid-1980s he was one of the founders of the Korrö Folk Festival, which has become one of the largest folk music festivals in Sweden in recent years. He has published several books and articles on folk, early and baroque music. He is a Riksspelman (National Folk Musician), and member of the groups Sågskära and Höök, with which he has been on tour in countries all over the world. For many years he also worked as a freelance music journalist for Swedish Radio. His PhD thesis in Musicology at Lund University combines research on the history of the ”polska” and on traveling popular melodies in northern Europe.

Lars Magnusson - born 1946, built his first “nyckelharpa” in 1985, and has built five more nyckelharpas since then. He started playing in 1986 and was then a member of Tingsryds Spelmän. When they stopped playing, Lars started a new spelmanslag of his own “Larsas” spelmän. They are seven members strong and meet once a week for training. They also play at various events.

Carina Elmqvist - born 1964, started playing violin seven years ago as a way to relax after eight years of studies at Linnaeus university. At the same time she started a spelmansstämma in Väckelsång where she was born. In a small back cabin close to the church a fiddler named Johan Jäng once lived. This is now where the stämma is held in August every year. Carina is playing in Larsas spelmän and also together with Virda spelmän. When she´s not playing she works as an associate professor in caring sciences at the university.

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