Stoney Brook Fiddlers and Arnie Anderson

Stoney Brook Strings is a violin and fiddling group in the Brainerd, Mn. Lakes area. The large group, up to 70 musicians, play many types of music ranging from classical to hymns to a large dose of Scandinavian folk music.

Most of the musicians are students of Arnie Anderson. Please read a separate page about Arnie, HERE. Ages range from kindergarten to grandmas and grandpas. Each student gets a 1/2 hour lesson per week and it takes Arnie the whole weekend to regain consciousness.

The large orchestra gives several concerts per year. Within the big ensemble are two subgroups that concentrate on folk music: the ‘Stoney Brook Fiddlers’ and the ‘Stoney Brook Mandolins’, with up to 30 mandolin players.

Arnie Anderson spent four years in Italy studying violin making and that profession has been his living for 40 years. However, his violin making has almost come to a hault with his renewed love of teaching students to play. He enjoys writing and arranging music to fit the ability of his students.

Arnie also plays with Skål Klubben and Skålmusik, two other Brainerd based Scandinavian folk music ensembles. The Nisswa-stämma Scandinavian Folk Music Festival is a favorite event for Arnie and the Stoney Brook Fiddlers.

For more information contact Arnie Anderson at 218-820-8148

...take a look at the Stoney Brook Fiddlers (previously called the Ripple River Fiddlers)...