Lena Jonsson & Arvid Svenungsson

Lena Jonsson - Renowned for her work in the Swedish folk scene, Lena Jonsson has spent over 15 years performing in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia. At the age of 21 she was nominated ”Newcomer of the year” at the Folk and world music awards in Sweden and since then her career has continued to grow. Her ability to balance a deep knowledge of traditional Swedish folk music with innovative artistic sensibilities is renowned.

Arvid Svenungsson - Arvid has been active both playing, composing and conducting music for many of the great artists around Sweden. With his grounding in classical music he masters a variety of genres and can easily switch between them. As a kid his mom would take the whole family to Bingsjöstämman every year, and that’s where his passion for folk music started. Arvid played the piano on Lena Jonssons grammy-nominated album “Places”. He has also toured the world as a keyboard player for the Swedish power trio Dirty Loops.

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