Britt Pernille Frøholm, Linda Gytri

Britt Pernille Frøholm is a hardanger fiddle player from the west coast of Norway, and the traditional music from this area forms her musical fundamentals. She earned a MA degree in Traditional Arts in 2006, where she worked with contemporary music and researched new techniques for the hardanger fiddle. Through this work she has managed to create a distinctive approach and signature to playing hardingfele. Britt is a versatile musician who, during the last few years, has released several critically acclaimed cds in multiple genres, ranging from traditional folk music to free improvisation with jazz musicians.

In addition to her solo projects, she plays in the groups LuckyLoop, Friensemblet, Ensemble Epoché, arcticaEclectica, Frøholm/Tillung, BOREAS (Scotland/Norway), FACE THE BEAR (Norway/Sweden), and Nye Toner i Nord (Norway/Sweden/Denmark). Currently she's also doing a collaboration with the Indian fiddleplayer Sharat Chandra Srivastava and his Scottish/Indian band IndiaAlba.

Linda Gytri plays the freebass accordion - she also has a MA Degree in folkmusic and she plays mainly Nordic folk music. Her roots are in Stryn in the western part of Norway, but she is also inspired from the other Nordic countries. Linda also composes a lot of music herself, inspired by people, nature, music and moods. Her teacher Maria Kalaniemi once said that "it sounds like the Norwegian forest when you`re playing"- so maybe you`ll hear the Norwegian forest and mountains in her music too. Linda is working as a teacher of accordion, piano and folk dances.

This duo is coming together especially for the Nisswa-Stämman, and we are very happy they are. They are from the same district in Norway, and have been playing together now and then earlier. Hardanger Fiddle and Accordion is a traditional combination in the Norwegian music - and this duo will perform both traditional and more open interpretations of their music for the festival.

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