Vibrant and Refreshing Norwegian Folk Music -

Flukt is a trio playing mostly Norwegian and Swedish folk music in a refreshing new way. The three musicians have quite different musical backgrounds ranging from jazz and pop music to folk and "newer" traditional music. Their repertoire includes very traditional tunes played in a traditional way, to traditional and original tunes arranged with influences from other musical stylings. Flukt has played over 100 concerts and gigs in Norway since their beginnings in 1999. They have performed for people of all ages, including young children - the "next generation" of folk music lovers. Many requests have been made for the group to record their music, and the long awaited debut CD entitled "FLUKT" will be released in the spring of 2002. In this first recording,their speciality in folkmusic is kept, and joined with themes from newer musical styles, creating a mix which they hope will be interesting and fulfilling to every kind of listener.

Sturla Eide Sundli is the fiddle player in the group. He plays both "flat" fiddle and Hardanger fiddle. He has studied music at the University of Trondheim, and works as a freelance musician and as a teacher for children who are learning to play fiddle, violin and guitar. He has lots of musical experience from doing concerts, gigs and workshops both as a soloist and as a member of various groups. Sturla is also a composer and musical arranger.

Øivind Farmen started playing the accordion at the age of eight. In 1993 he started his international career as a concert soloist, playing with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. Øivind is also very active playing gammeldans and new traditional music. His collection of accordions gives him a large pallete of musical voices and moods to explore.

Sondre Meisfjord has studied jazz at the University of Trondheim, playing double bass. He is one of the most promising young musicians in Norway right now. Sondre, too, has played in lots of different performance settings including theater, studio recordings, and groups.


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