American Swedish Institute Spelmanslag


ASI Spelmanslag 2004 (plus Gunnar!)

The ASI Spelmanslag is a group of fiddlers who celebrate a musical tradition that goes back hundreds of years. The group was started in 1985 by Paul Dahlin, who had been teaching fiddling classes at the American Swedish Institute (ASI). The classes were so popular that the formal spelmanslag ("fiddling group," in Swedish) was formed to give the enthusiastic participants an opportunity to share the music they loved. Now in its 19th year,the ASI spelmanslag has about 40 active members and performs at concerts and dances throughout the Twin Cities area. The ASI Spelmanslag has twice toured in Sweden, and is going again in the summer of 2004. They are acknowledged by traditional fiddlers there as remarkable bearers of the same musical tradition. Jump to their website for lots more information:  

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