Arne & Asbjørg Sølvberg and Kjell Plassen

These are three important names in the world of traditional Norwegian folk music and dance.

Arne M. Sølvberg (b. 1950) comes from Stryn in Nordfjord, a neighboring community to Skjåk. He plays both the flat fiddle and the Hardanger fiddle at a high national level, and has won the Landskappleik and Spellemannsprisen (Norwegian Grammy) for his solo CD, "Nordfjordslåttar". He also plays the wooden flute and the mouth organ. He studied folk dance at the university in Trondheim. Arne has pursued being a professional free-lance folk-musician in addition to being a sheep farmer. In recent years he has taken many trips over Stryn mountain to play together with Kjell Plassen in Skjåk. The duo goes under the name of "Jakup" and has become popular as instructors at Grotlitreffen, Springfestival in Skjåk, and at the Førde International Folk Music Festival.

Asbjørg Hustveit Sølvberg. (b. 1950) Was born in Fjaler in Sunnfjord, but now lives in Stryn and works in a nursery school. Asbjorg has been a folk dancer her whole life. She and Arne met in the folk dance community in Oslo in the 1970's and they now have been married for 32 years. They have taught folk dance for many years, and the family tradition is continuing through their three children who are now grown and are among some of the best folk dancers in the country. Asbjørg and Arne won the Landskappleik for Dans in 2004 for their springdance from Nordfjord.

Kjell Plassen (b. 1940) comes from Skjåk in Gudbrandsdalen. He had an early beginning in music, playing the two-row button accordion and became a master on that instrument. Then the chromatic accordion became more popular, so today that is the one he usually plays. Kjell became a much sought-after carpenter and master-builder, but now during his retirement, his accordion playing has seen a new flowering. He has especially explored the rich round-dance tradition (waltz, reinlander, polka, and mazurka) in Skjåk. Kjell's great-great grandfather was none other than the fiddling legend himself, Fel-Jakup (1821 ­ 1876). Many of his relatives have immigrated to America, so maybe some of them will come to Nisswa to meet Kjell?


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