Bronwyn Bird & Justin Nawn

Bronwyn Bird (Nyckelharpist) & Justin Nawn (Guitar) are graduates of Berklee College of Music and co-founders of the Birdhouse Center for the Arts in Lambertville NJ, where they currently work as a music therapists, educators, and performers. Bronwyn Bird discovered the joys of nyckelharpa as a teen through folk dancing and studied it abroad at the Eric Sahlström Institute in Sweden, where she built her current instrument (a true labor of love!).  Bronwyn is the recipient of gold twin-nyckelharpa awards both in Sweden and the US. When she is not engaged in clinical work, Bronwyn tours as a professional musician, performing and teaching educational workshops in root music and dance. During the completion of his bachelor’s degree, Justin Nawn received training in folk, rock, slide, and blues guitar. As a family duo, Justin & Bronwyn often perform for listeners and dancers alike. They both work as current staff at a fantastic music enrichment camp called Nordic Fiddles & Feet (NH). As a performing duo, Bird and Nawn honor and expound upon the traditions of Scandinavia, Appalachia, Bluegrass and Old-Time music. Learn more at

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